Jewels Care



All Jewels are in Silver 925 or in Silver 925 with Gold bath of 24 Carats.

925 SILVER JEWELS: The oxidation (darkening) of Silver is a natural process that changes the brilliance of Jewels, is not a manufacturing defect, and is superficial, that is, it does not affect them, since it can be eliminated easily.

925 SILVER PLATED WITH 24 CARAT GOLD JEWELS: Gold-plated Jewels require even more care. However, we can preserve color for longer by avoiding contact with cosmetics, perfumes and creams. Sweating and water (especially from the sea and the pool) also contributes to the elimination of the Golden bath, so please avoid using the Jewels during sports activity.



925 SILVER JEWELS: To eliminate the oxidation of 925 Silver Jewels use a clean Silver product (we recommend this:, but you can also try to do it with toothpaste and a brush. If you can not clean the Jewels, please send us an e-mail to

925 SILVER PLATED WITH 24 CARAT GOLD JEWELS: In relation to the 925 Silver with a Golden bath of 24 Carats Jewels, in case of elimination of the Golden bath, the bath can be made again. This service is charged and the amount varies depending on the Jewel in question. To request a quote, please contact us by email



The Jewels should be carefully stored in transparent plastic bags or in their original packaging in order to avoid friction with other parts and exposure to air, dust and moisture.



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